Bobby Wills CCMA Male Artist of the Year Nominee

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With no bro country in sight this week, the Nashville songwriting community is strutting its stuff.

Will Hoge, Austin Webb, Carrie Underwood, Kip Moore, Bobby Wills and Keith Urban all have new singles with true composing craftsmanship on display. And two of them wind up with this column’s awards.

Canadian Bobby Wills wins the DisCovery Award. He’s already an award winner north of the border, and here’s hoping he can duplicate that success stateside. Longtime “DisClaimer” favorite Kip Moore takes home the Disc of the Day prize. This guy seems to go from strength to strength.

Coincidentally, both of these fellows are singing “bad-boy” songs.

BOBBY WILLS/Crazy Enough
Writers: Pyle/Aldridge/Wills; Producer: Michael Pyle; Publishers: none listed; Willing (track)
“-Infused with personality and raucous energy. The sidewinder guitars are perfect for the on-the-edge lyric. His ad-libbed chuckles in mid song are groovy, too.” – Robert K Oermann


Happy Monday, readers!

Meet our new “Music Monday” artist this week, Bobby Wills.

Bobby Wills is a Canadian country artist that is ready to make a name for himself here in United States. The Canadian Country Music Association award winner just released his new single “Never Didn’t Love You” here in the US, and it has been syndicated to country radio’s airwaves ever since.

The Alberta, Canada native is currently gearing up for the release of his new album Crazy Enough under Willing Nashville — which was released in Canada in June 2014. The project features an array of tracks that blend rock-inspired country songs driven by fuller percussion and a bevy of string instruments with Bobby’s signature melodic harmonies and intimate lyrical story telling.


Bobby wills joins Marc and Katie from Calgary, talkin’ new albums and NHL Playoffs!


In today’s musical society, you don’t find many songs that speak a very romantic truth about a relationship. Now Canadian country singer, Bobby Wills released his single, “Never Didn’t Love You” on June 24, 2014, that meets the requirements of a truthful relationship ballad. The song is about a loving relationship where the guy may not say those three pretty words everyday, but he knows that his girl is well aware that there has never been a point in time when he has not loved her…


Bobby Wills is a country artist from Calgary, Alberta. His latest album, ‘Crazy Enough’, released in June 2014 with the title track becoming very popular. The album made up of 10 songs goes from high energy tunes to slower, more emotional songs..


Canadian Country Music Association award winner and Willing Nashville recording artist Bobby Wills just released his new single, “Never Didn’t Love You,” to Country radio in the U.S.

The up tempo song, written by Wills with Walt Aldridge and Mike Pyle, has a driving energy as well as a bevvy of radio ready “nah nah nahs” that you will find yourself singing along to on first listen.


We had a chance to catch up with Bobby Wills last week before he left to join the 26 date, cross Canada tour with Chad Brownlee’s When The Lights Go Down Tour. Here is what we had to chat about.

Sound Check: Let’s kind of start things off with the current single, “Undressed”, can you tell me how you got yourself and Patricia Conroy involved in this one? (video on bottom of article)

Bobby: Oh, well it’s a funny story. I’ve been a huge Patricia fan and in fact probably the word, “Crush” suits that, and been a big fan of hers for a long time. And so going into CCMA’s in 2013 my publisher had reached out to her and asked if she would write with us, and she said, “Yes” graciously. And so we got a chance to write together. It’s really that simple and such a great experience. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s just a joy to share it with her too, ‘cause she’s just a wonderful person. We’ve become good friends and, you know, and she’s rocking it, man. She’s got so many singles on radio and she’s just a such a great writer. It’s just a joy to get to write with her…